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Office Furniture - Fabrics

Fabric Options
There is a wide choice of fabrics available and it is important that you select the right fabrics for the application as well as creating the prefect finish for your chairs and screens. We have added below links to Bradbury, Camira and Agua Fabrics. You will be able to see the latest colours available as well as request samples.
Bradbury Fabrics
The name Bradbury has been associated with weaving quality fabrics in the Yorkshire area since 1783, producing for an assortment of traditional market places over the years, such as blankets, rugs and clothing for MoD and aviation requirements. Progression since the 1980’s, has seen the company become an important manufacturer of woven fabrics for the contract and hospitality markets, supplying into environments for offices, schools, universities, hotels, restaurants, leisure and healthcare to name just a few.
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Bradbury Fabrics
Camria Fabrics
Camira Fabrics
Camira make fabrics for spaces and places, from offices to schools, trains to buses, and shops to hospitals.

Their fabrics are used in a vast array of commercial interiors, education, healthcare, retail, and for passenger transport on bus, coach and rail. They make over 8 million metres of fabric a year, in the UK and in Lithuania, so you’re sure to have touched upon our fabrics either at work, at play or on the move.
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Agua Fabrics

From a background in supplying and manufacturing Linens and Textiles to the Healthcare sector, Agua has become a market leader in technical Upholstery fabrics for all Contract Markets: Hospitality, Leisure, Custodial, Education, Commercial, Healthcare, Cruise / Marine.

Agua Fabrics continually seeks to ensure the maintenance of the highest professional standards with regard to environmental, ethical, employment and social responsibilities. All products are REACH compliant and phthalate free.

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AGUA Fabrics